Friday, September 29, 2006

Deodorant Reviews

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Solid: Arctic Refresh

Being a big Wu-Tang fan from way back, I figured if this product was good enough for Method Man to do commercials for it, it was "street" enough for me. The ads he and Redman did for this product no doubt led to the short-lived Fox sitcom Method & Red. And no deodorant in the world could cover the rank odour of that one. (The two forgotten shows I keep trying to convince people were real were this one and Robert Mitchum's early-nineties sitcom. But I digress...)

This line of manly, To The Extreme! anti-perspirants are designed for your sweaty, athletic lifestyle, and the least aggressive one in the line is Arctic Refresh. It feels like rubbing a miniature glacier under your arm. This line of deodorants introduced the Power Stripe - a powerful band of green anti-perspirant sheathed in more traditional white compressed powder. I wouldn't say it goes on dry, but I don't recall feeling anything running down the sides of my shirt during my subsequent racquetball game. It's a snow brainer - Arctic Refresh is a blast of fresh chilly air! B-

The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Stumbled across this Chav-friendly deodorant at HMV while inquiring if Method & Red: The Complete Series was available on DVD yet. They had racks of this Tokyo Drift deodorant alongside the two Fast and Furious films. Jesus, what would it make you smell like? The interior of a new Mitsubishi? Perhaps the faint tang of pickled ginger?

They certainly do get points for packaging. The container looks exactly like a DVD case. But perhaps the packaging is a bit too clever because try as I might, I couldn't get any of the anti-perspirant out. Nearly tore up my armpits trying.

Worst part: to my admittedly novice nostrils, it smelled like nothing. Is this what they mean when they say these things are odour free? I'm sorry, but Diesel never catch on. Can't recommend it. D-

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