Monday, November 06, 2006

Ein Film von Tony Scott

Regular readers of the TT-P know that I'm a big Tony Scott fan from way back. His latest, Déjà Vu, sounds like a step back from Scott's hyperbolic subject matter of late (one-man death squads and babealicious bounty hunters); this one is a time-travel cop thriller starring Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer. I will lay even money this film ends with a small room filled with people chaotically firing guns at one another.

In anticipation of Déjà Vu, let's travel back in time together to view the not-for-broadcast director's cut of one of Tony the Tiger's early works, the Glenn Frey/Don Johnson Pepsi commercial from 1985.

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Wandaful said...

G'day Jesse

Trying to find a Diet Pepsi Commercial that Tony Scott did for Europe around 1989/1990..

having NO luck on the Pepsi site or anywhere else, but just came across your site..

Hope you can help

Please email me