Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Beloosh

I'm popping the popcorn and getting ready for 8 o'clock - no, they're not hanging Saddam again, but it is a guy dying on TV - it's the season premiere of my favourite sitcom, 'According To Jim', which has been on for six years!

The Beloosh! If America were decimated in a nuclear attack, I have a feeling 'According To Jim' would still be on next season. Who is watching this show? What is the appeal? Has anyone written their thesis on it?

'According to Jim' is actually dubbed in other languages and syndicated around the world! Here are its international aliases:

Austria: Jim hat immer Recht! (Jim's Always Right!)
Brazil: O Jim é assim (That's Just Jim)
Croatia: Svijet prema Jimu (The World According to Jim)
Finland: Perheen kalleudet (Family Jewels)
Germany: Immer wieder Jim (Jim Again and Again)
Sweden: Jims Värld (Jim's World)

Before the Beloosh inherited the Tim Allen mantle, he had an all over the place career. He was sort of a late-Reagan-era movie star at one point (Red Heat) - and he was all right in Thief and Salvador, in fact, but my god, three K-9 films? And an erotic thriller? Ponder that for a moment - a Jim Belushi erotic thriller.

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Anonymous said...

Having suffer one the worst colds in my life I realised that the last thing I've watched on the tele in full was "According to Jim". Shoot me now!