Wednesday, May 02, 2007

V For Verhoeven

Leave it to Paul Verhoeven to make a big-budget, sleazy film about World War II! I'm jazzed about Black Book because it's practically a given that it will be very watchable on some level - I'm crazy for both RoboCop and Showgirls. I dismissed Starship Troopers at first but I have to admire it now on a prophetic level - it certainly helps to explain the Fox News Channel. Basic Instinct and the second half of Total Recall are just not good, but I'm not sorry I saw them.

I'm just hoping if Black Book is a bad taste spectacle, if it is Shoahgirls, then please let it be entertaining. Hollow Man had a suitably Verhoevenian low-stakes plot - scientist gets power of invisibility, becomes rapist - but it's biggest sin was being really boring. Something tells me this one won't be boring.

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Jesse said...

I just realized some of the plot twists towards the end of Total Recall were pretty amazing - especially when Schwarzenegger betrayed himself. But come on, the second half was a letdown compared to the first half with Arnold running around using passers-by as human shields and picking "sleazy" cyberdates!