Friday, June 08, 2007

Four Point Oh

Here's an indicator that America has a tainted international rep that Hollywood has to tip-toe around sometimes - Live Free or Die Hard will be known around the world as Die Hard 4.0. To me it would have been a techno-savvy title if they had made the film in 1998. Now it sounds like a bit like a Windows 3.1 upgrade. If they want to keep going with this nineties chic thing they can call the next one Die Hard!

This one wasn't directed by a madman like John McTiernan or Renny Harlin - it's from Len (Underpants) Wiseman, so that takes away a great deal of what dwindling anticipation I would have about a new Die Hard installment. The first film was sensational entertainment but the sequels have been successive letdowns. And Bruce Willis waited almost as long as the Crocodile Dundee guy to make a followup...the trailer makes it look like a high-budget episode of 24. Of course I'm going to see it.

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