Monday, December 10, 2007

This One's For Las Chicas

This report is filed from a locutorio in Buenos Aires. Locutorios are internet spots that are all over the city - in Buenos Aires, even the act of surfing the net all day can be part of your active social life.

I'm here because my vacation ends tomorrow and I'm on my way into a Musimundo store (there are no HMVs in Buenos Aires) to grab a couple of DVDs of Sandro, a living legend, a man I had never heard of before until I arrived here. He was all over the papers because he had recently turned 60 and was on yet another comeback trail (his last comeback apparently had him hooked up to an oxygen tank on stage but that wasn't enough to keep him from being snowed under by women's underwear).

But sometimes you achieve something that gets you buried in women's underwear for the rest of your life.

Sandro, the Argentine Elvis Presley (or is he the Argentine Amitabh Bachchan?) was a pop singer who made a dozen or so musicals in the sixties and seventies that were massively popular in Latin America... like Presley's films, they seemed to exist as pure vehicles to deliver the man candy to the's a trailer or two of the goods.

If you want your own Sandro DVDs but can't hike it to Buenos Aires, you are in luck.


cineguy said...

Elvis? Shurly not! Listen to the arrangements and the voice---they obviously kidnapped Tom Jones and force-fed him Spanish until he could do this!

Hope you ate lots of grain-fed beef while you were watching the ... well, grain-fed beef.

Don Irvine said...

.....and mind you, he's still got a long way to go to be the equal of my pal Raphael...