Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Volver a Buenos Aires

Telekino is off to Argentina for another round of primavera. I leave on the 19th and get back on December 4. I switch planes in Chile - I will be have to kill four hours roaming the Santiago airport before legging it to Buenos Aires. Last time I stayed at a minimalist boutique hotel in Palermo Viejo but this time I want to hotel-hop and spend a few days in a few different barrios. I start off at a bed and breakfast in Boedo, a currently resurgent neighbourhood that was a hotbed of tango and leftist politics in the thirties. Then I move over to Recoleta, kind of the Upper West Side of Buenos Aires, to stay at an old hotel with stone lions at the entrance and an elevator that goes Bang! when it descends to the main level, i.e. my kind of place. Haven't yet booked the hotel for the last leg of the trip - I trust that I will be able to find another interesting place to stay when I'm there.

More bulletins to come.

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