Monday, June 19, 2006

Hartford Me To Say I'm Sorry

Let me be the first to congratulate the Hartford Whalers on their first Stanley Cup championship. I think it was very cool of them to rip off their Carolina Hurricanes jerseys as soon as the Cup was in the bag, reminding the 'hometown' crowd of their true lineage.

I would also like to point out our classy new masthead - lovingly rendered in Data 70 by Richard Shouldice of the exciting new web design/international espionage firm, The Brokerage. The Telekino logo was designed by Tad Hozumi. Much thanks.

This Thursday night at Buddies is a down-and-dirty retro cabaret called 'Can't Stop' - in amongst the raunch and revelry there will be a 5 hour Telekino montage projected throughout the's eyecandy of the highest order - breakdancing lessons, aerobics videos, 80's shampoo commercials, MS-DOS training videos and generous commercial breaks from Japanese television.

I have a friendster account now.

You might also want to see my playlists at my Youtube page. My favourite collection these days is Where Your Children Are, a tribute to local news anchors. I hope to be posting videos of my own there shortly.

PS: Two people have found this blog based on the Google search "Chocolate makes me think of jazz".

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