Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yesterday or Tomorrow

French Pop Wednesday - Saturday Bonus Beats edition.

Memo to the Criterion Collection: why don't you put Pierre Koralnik's Anna out on DVD? You're doing a nice job with restoring Godard and Truffaut, and that Eric Rohmer box is grand, but I think this obscure TV special from 1967 is key to the Nouvelle Vague - a Gainsbourg soundtrack, Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Brialy as the leads, and this strange cameo from Marianne Faithfull as some form of Trouble, waltzing through a party scene cooing Serge's amazing song 'Hier ou Demain' (AWOL from the official soundtrack).

This eye-popper was once put out on DVD in Japan (now OOP - I got my DVD-R rip of it from the wonderful people at 5 Minutes to Live who stopped carrying it shortly after I scored mine...) - on y va, Criterion!

(Spikedcandy, Je T'aime...)

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yasevienenlosguayabazos said...

Jesse, I would greatly thank you if you can tell me how to get this TV comedy "Anna". I have been looking for it but seems really hard to get. Thanks a lot.
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