Friday, May 23, 2008

Toronto Hulk

The Incredible Hulk wreaking havoc on Yonge Street, beating tanks up in front of The Big Slice and swatting shoulder-fired missiles down on the U of T campus promises to be one of the highlights of a long hot Toronto summer. My friend Dov and I thought long and hard about other amazing Toronto-centric sequences that no doubt will await us in the multiplex...

The Hulk having dinner at Cafe Diplomatico and then going to Soundscapes

The Hulk walking everywhere or on his bike wearing a helmet with wings on it

The Hulk riding a paddle boat at Ontario Place

The Hulk at H&M trying on low-waist jeans

The Hulk at the Brass Rail

The Hulk in K-Town ordering another garbage can full of kimchi

The Hulk turning Play De Record into Break De Record

The Hulk getting rejected by the NFB

The Hulk in Yorkville tickling young ladies passing by with tree branches

The Hulk ordering a triple-triple at Timmy's and rolling up the rim of the actual store

The Hulk getting in on that 2 day rebate on his April Metropass because of the TTC strike

The Hulk hanging around the Central Reference Library waiting to check his hotmail on the free computers

The Hulk starting a facebook group to promote his DJ night in Kensington Market

The Hulk renting an apartment on Roncesvalles, inspiring a hulkaccino drink at his local fair trade coffee spot

The Hulk producing an award-winning season at Soulpepper after being named the new Artistic Director


kodeureum said...

So that is the U of T campus in all those trailers I've seen here in South Korea. Did they somehow presciently film the Yonge St. carnage during the riot of '92?

kodeureum said...

The Hulk could definitely manage most of those things by the way, but what would be left for David Banner (from the TV show) or his brother Bruce to do?

Kate said...

I was tickled by the hulk! Well he didn't look guy in the picture but that's who he said he was and he certainly smelled greenish.