Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Have Questions About The Oscars

1. Why did they choose to drown out the acceptance speeches with slowly swelling music (to try to save time I suppose) only to then subject the audience to these drawn-out thematic montages celebrating film noir and the magical experience of seeing movies on the big screen, etc, and then not feature a cinematic montage that actually would have been interesting and poignant, and to me anyway, obvious - one celebrating the city of New Orleans? Think of the films that were memorably shot there, all kinds of movies - A Streetcar Named Desire, Down By Law, Panic in the Streets, Angel Heart, JFK, Tightrope, The Big Easy, Live and Let Die, King Creole, Hard Times, Pretty Baby, Wild at Heart, Hard Target, The Skeleton Key...all right, all right, and Big Momma's House 2, but still!

2. Speaking of those montages - why in God's name did the one about social consciousness include scenes from The Day After Tomorrow and Something's Gotta Give?

3. Can you take an Oscar away from someone based strictly and solely on what they bring up on stage with them when they accept it? I'm thinking of the guys who made March of the Penguins.

4. Why didn't they cut to a reaction shot of Mickey Rooney during the 'Pimp' musical number?

5. How could I have screwed up and picked The Constant Gardener to win for editing?

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