Monday, March 13, 2006

The Isaac Hayes Movement

Isaac Hayes announced today that he is quitting his role as the voice of Chef on South Park, citing the show's "inappropriate ridicule of religion", which may prove that he didn't actually watch the show, considering he's been on the program for almost 10 years and has only now gotten the memo.

There might be a connection between his departure and the show's recent episode making the fun of the Scientology. Yes, Hayes is supposedly a Scientologist ( I say 'supposedly' because I refuse, despite all evidence to the contrary, to believe it) along with other "What?!!"-inducing people such as Beck, Jason Lee, Greta Van Susteren and Doug E. Fresh.

I always found it a bit unfortunate that Hayes was more famous these days for his South Park role than for the classic songs he cowrote with David Porter during the Stax/Volt era and of course his amazing run of solo LPs in the seventies (see above album: the words 'Joy' are embossed on some copies - between this and the 'Black Moses' crucifix-gatefold design, he also revolutionized the album cover).

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