Saturday, April 29, 2006

Excitement 1979

Why am I more excited about this ancient trailer than any of the trailers I've seen for this summer's crop of movies?

Starcrash is a complete and total ripoff of Turkish Star Wars - except it's in English, despite being officially an Italian film. It stars former preacherman Marjoe Gortner (he's the one with the brillo hair), the dishy Caroline Munro, the young David Hasselhoff (who must be in this trailer somewhere) and for a touch of class, Christopher Plummer, who looks like he lost a bet. I think they hired the guys who did the New Adventures of Pinocchio series to do the "Ray Harryhausen with the DTs" stop-motion effects.

But come on - if you showed this trailer in a theatre the place would go crazy! And it's in Dolby Stereo! Top that, Brett Ratner!

(Mille grazie, Lamp2av.)

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