Thursday, April 27, 2006

Forever and Ever Amen

I understand that Opus Dei has got their knickers in a twist about the upcoming film based on The DaVinci Code; they want a disclaimer appended to the beginning of the film, warning audiences that the idea of a shadowy force within the Catholic Church is a product of fantasy. I think the film should come with a disclaimer as well - mine would read "Warning: this film was directed by Ron Howard." Actually that's only part of the reason I won't see it - it's mostly because of Tom Hanks' hair. Call me superficial, but I don't know if audiences are ready for the big and greasy look. I haven't read the book, so maybe they explain the hair in the film.

On an unrelated topic, what's been going on with Randy Travis lately? Is he still putting out records? I haven't been following Nashville as much as I used to. He was working on a sideline career as an actor, but when Kenny Rogers stopped making those Gambler TV movies he put a lot of country singers out of work in that department. I typed up 'Randy Travis NASCAR' in Google and got 680,000 matches, but I figure the sky-rocketing price of gasoline is going to wreak havoc on the whole car-racing craze. Maybe he might want to shift over to recording more Gospel.

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cineguy said...

Hanks is aging very badly---from the photograph, he looks like he's turning into Steven Seagal.