Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yugo Chavez

I didn't know there was a Yugoslav-Mexico connection until this: after World War II, Marshal Tito had a falling-out with Stalin, and Yugoslavia turned away from the dominant Soviet culture and towards another idealistic revolutionary model - Mexico. This site documents the Yu-Mex movement - probably unknown even in Mexico but inescapable in the Balkans in the 50s - behold, a whack of album covers and sound clips. The person behind the site is developing a documentary on the mouth is watering already.

Speaking of appropriation, on a local level, I'm a big fan of the people behind the Not Fooling Anybody site, which ambitiously documents the half-assed re-thinks and makeovers of abandoned franchise storefronts, with special attention paid to our city's rash of Coffee Time clones.

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