Saturday, April 01, 2006

Klein Every Mountain

Ralph Klein is a man with a low boiling point - he is accustomed to getting 90% support at leadership reviews, but was apparently more inclined to obsess Nixon-style on the vipers in his bosom, the traitorous ten-percenters who dared to spoil his coronation. This is a man who was moved to prosecute the guy who hit him with a cream pie a couple of years ago on assault charges (though to be fair, he did hit him pretty hard with that pie).

So I wonder how he's taking it today after his most recent leadership review at Alberta's Conservative convention - 55% support? Now that's meringue in your eye.

How will he respond? Resignation? Seppuku? Martial law? A do-over of the vote? A do-over of his visit to a homeless shelter? He seemed eerily non-emotional in his very brief press conference on the subject, like he emptied a fistful of Thorazine into his "apple juice" before hitting the podium.

And now the possibility of Premier Preston Manning on the horizon?! That might be enough for Klein to just call 55% a mandate and dig his nails into the armrests of power until early 2008.

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