Monday, August 21, 2006

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

A friend of mine said he went to get a coffee this morning and as he passed a news stand, did the first actual spit-take of his life when he saw the sanctimonious front page of today's Toronto Sun.

This morning, the meat puppets on CNN would not let go of the eyewitness accounts of the accused JonBenet Ramsey killer flying business class on Thai Airways, sipping champagne, eating "sumptuous meals" ("sumptuous" airplane food?) and wearing a tie and not wearing handcuffs, etc. I suppose people would have been happy to hear that he was flown over in a box along with the cats and dogs in steerage.

Okay, maybe the guy did it after all and this posting will seem hopelessly naive in a few weeks, once the DNA evidence rolls in pointing to the man's actual guilt.

But look. I saw Force Majeure and some of Brokedown Palace. I think if I was suspected of committing a crime in Thailand, whether or not it was true, especially if the net was closing in, I might confess to something, anything, that would get me immediately hustled back over to North America as opposed to rotting in a Thai prison. Has that not occurred to anyone?

Well at least this story has shut everyone up about not being able to bring hairgel on an airplane, the whole Israel/Hezbollah grudge match, and that NSA wiretapping turning out to be unconstitutional...

Wait a second...has anyone looked in on where Karl Rove spent the 1996 Christmas holidays?

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a*c said...

lol only the sun!