Thursday, August 31, 2006

Haneke Schlemmer

Of all the people...Michael Haneke is going Hollywood.

From the Guardian...

Michael Haneke, director of last year's arthouse smash Caché, has revealed what may be his most controversial film to date: a Hollywood-style remake of his 1997 "anti-thriller" Funny Games. The Austrian film-maker known for his unflinching dissections of violence and middle-class hypocrisy has signed up to direct an English-language version. The film will star Tim Roth and Naomi Watts as a wealthy couple who are trapped and tormented in their Hamptons holiday home by a pair of vicious psychopaths...

Next, I hope, is a remake of Caché starring John Travolta in the Daniel Autueil role; he could be reunited with Kirstie Alley as his wife. But the European title's too artsy - they should call the American version Look Who's Stalking.

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