Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rock @ Workforce

Frankie Goes To Hollywood said, when two tribes go to war...

Like most Torontonians, I have had trouble choosing where to go when I need my Gloria Estefan fix. The TV commercial ad war between Toronto's two rival adult contemporary radio stations, CHFI ("Toronto's Lite Favourites") and EZ Rock ("Today's Soft Rock with Less Talk") has been at saturation levels for years now. CHFI's ads are weird enough (now their on-air personalities are doing home invasions), but EZ Rock's commercials are mindblowing. I think some weird CIA splinter group straight out of The Parallax View are the ad agency handling the EZ Rock account. For a while they were like negative political ads, with Leeza Gibbons telling you how lucky you were to have EZ Rock, mentioning you didn't have to worry about their morning team's banter embarassing you, "especially if you're in the car with your kids." Unlike other radio stations, one presumes.

But tonight I saw EZ Rock's new campaign for the first time - and it's weirdness was so amazing I pumped my fist in the air; once my fist came back down, I immediately jammed it into my keyboard to sign up for the EZ Rock @ Workforce. If they draw my name they're going to come by my work to give me my prize. I'll probably get fired on the spot.

Somebody better post that thing on's the Pixar version of American Psycho.

I fear CHFI will have no choice but to respond.

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