Saturday, May 06, 2006

Devil Child

So the remake of The Omen is coming down the pipeline. Are there any films from the 70's that haven't been remade or revisited? I read the other day that Bryan Singer is planning an official Logan's Run remake (as opposed to the unofficial one - The Island) and Ashton Kutcher has apparently gotten the green-light for a modern version of Shampoo, so I guess the only things left from the 70's to remake are The Greek Tycoon, Harry and Tonto and Pete's Dragon.

The clever release date of The Omen (06/06/06) got me thinking: there must be lots of women around the world scheduled to give birth that day - aren't some of them worried they might be spawning the son of Satan? And isn't one of them right? Mia Farrow's in the remake, and she should know. I hope she's playing the nanny at the birthday party.

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