Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Little Marcy Music

Little Marcy. God's Wholesome Little Puppet.

I knew Little Marcy was a prolific Christian recording artist - but it didn't occur to me until tonight that there was video evidence of her existence.

Little Marcy sounds like a demonically-possessed Blossom Dearie. I first heard her one Sunday afternoon on college radio in Montreal. You know the Christianity's working when you listen to Little Marcy or look at one of her album covers and aren't weirded out.

There was a great Little Marcy bio page on the Sharpeworld site but it has since gone 404. I did find her myspace page - it's sort of a VC Andrews© thing though, because I think the woman who did the act is dead.

I think this video is one of those things where you watch it and then the phone rings and you die a week later, so be warned.

Fudgeland, Jesus wants you for a sunbeam!

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