Wednesday, May 10, 2006

La Lolita Des Comix

It's French Pop Wednesday here at the Telekino Blog.

From the 1966 Serge Gainsbourg TV musical Anna - here's the future ex-wife of Jean-Luc Godard herself, Anna Karina, belting out the song 'Roller Girl'. And I do mean belting. This isn't even the best part of the movie.

I showed Anna at a my first Telekino screening a couple of years ago (my copy was in French with Japanese subtitles so I showed it for free). I went over to the Soundscapes record store to see if I could put up a poster there and the guy behind the counter, instead of being happy he lived in a town where a Serge Gainsbourg movie was being shown, said "Oh yeah, I've got a copy of that. Mine has German subtitles but it's missing the last couple of minutes."

No doubt I'll have more to say about this film, but for now, feast your eyes.

(Video found on Spikedcandy's virtual Scopitone...)


Poptique said...

Not surprised that Anna was too exhausted to actually roller skate after a bombastic performance like that...

Let's hope every Wednesday is a French Pop Wednesday at Telekino.

Jesse said...

Wednesdays are for French Pop lovers.