Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Change Is As Cool As A Rest

For the next few weekends, there will be a cool detour for Toronto straphangers - the TTC is closing Bay subway station to do tunnel repairwork, which will necessitate a re-routing of Bloor-Danforth trains down to the University line. Eastbound travelers will have to cross the platform at Museum station to switch trains. And Museum will still be utilized for Yonge-University-Spadina service so it should be a bit crazy on the platforms for the crowd to figure out which train goes where - just like New York! And travellers will find themselves on a train going down service tunnels that haven't been visible to the public for years, including zipping past a rare gem most people don't know about - the closed-off station below Bay Station that is mostly used for movie shoots but was once a platform for a hybrid Bloor-Yonge service, using Bay as a turnoff point between downtown and crosstown service. The TTC tried it for a few months in 1966 but the problem was if there was a service breakdown it would affect the whole system, not specific lines.

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