Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You Can Fight City Hall

They're fucking with Nathan Phillips Square. The bids are in on the further T-Dotification of Toronto, updating our Modernist, Brasilia-esque city square into a more "revitalized" (their jargon) rethink. All the designs call for the removal of the amazing elevated walkway that circles the square and hooks up to the Sheraton Centre across the street - very classy, but it's been locked off from the public for years.

City Hall has shown up in the strangest places in pop culture. Playing itself in the William Shatner Canuxploitation thriller The Kidnapping Of The President. An episode of Star Trek. Pursuit of Happiness videos. That crap Kiefer Douglas thriller The Sentinel last year.

Well, they're "revitalizing" it now. Whatever design wins, it won't be as cool as this one!

This is the kind of movie that makes you wish we still had grindhouses like the Coronet or the Rio, or crumbling seventies multiplexes like the last incarnation of the Eaton Centre Cineplex. I used to go to there on two dollar Tuesdays without knowing what was playing. I'd just pick something tawdry off the marquee like it was off the menu. This is how I got in on the ground floor with the whole Steven Seagal thing.

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