Monday, February 12, 2007

What Else Don't We Know About Osama Obama?

Heaven forfend! Fox News implicitly criticizes Big Tobacco in this expose of Barack Obama's secret smoking habit! There must be something else we don't know about him (well, eventually there'll be nothing we don't know about him, but the campaign is still young).

The guy they have on here is from the Manhattan Institute, a completely bi-partisan think tank out of New York - a quick perusal of their website is amazing - here are some op-ed links from their home page:

Surge In Birth Rate Among Unwed Hispanics Creating New U.S. Underclass - here's a quote: "Dr. Sanchez feels almost personally involved in the problem: 'I'm Hispanic myself. I wish I could find out what the Asians are doing right.' "

Teachers Are Better Paid Than You Think - What?! They're paying these people?

It Will Take an Injection of Capitalism to Free Ourselves - a piece encouraging America to switch over to a capitalist economy

What Is Blackness? - here's the last sentence: "I must admit a certain discomfort with Barack Obama, despite his sharpness and individuality, being treated as America’s newest Mammy." (that's strange, I thought that title was held by Eddie Murphy...)

(thanks to Tim for the headz)

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