Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Black History Month!

Eddie Murphy's latest crime against humanity, Norbit, opened this weekend and made 34 million dollars!

Eddie is the front runner to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the end of the month for his performance as Little Jackie Cooke Brown Gaye in the musical Dreamgirls but apparently an anti-Murphy backlash is coalescing among Academy voters, as many in Hollywood feel either Murphy hasn't done enough drama or simply cannot be rewarded with an Oscar considering his career is made up (especially in the last ten years) with lowbrow freakshows like The Nutty Professor, Daddy Daycare and The Adventures of Pluto Nash. This movement points to the billboards for Norbit as their best argument against giving Murphy the gold - and I think it will work. Or I did think so, before I read about Norbit making 34 million dollars. Now all bets are off.

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