Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Coming Soon to a Cataract Near You

Are they trying to weed out all the epileptics in Toronto?

The wizards behind the Yonge & Dundas project are missing out on a golden marketing opportunity by letting those people walk around in the square without corporate logos on their shirts. Maybe they could get a couple of mascots in the mix, or set up some taste-test booths. And what the hell is that tree doing there?

When I was younger I thought the future would look like Blade Runner but it actually seems to be shaking out to be more like The Fifth Element.


James said...

thats quite impressive.

theyve some how managed to get both the 7th ave AND the Broadway Times Square facades onto on single building front...

Jesse said...

They've also managed to turn a building front into an affront.

So let me get this straight - giant billboards of Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang or Saddam in Baghdad are ridiculous and ostentatious, but this new project will be 'the heart of the city' of Toronto and we should all get behind it.