Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Harpy Harpy Joy Joy

Remember that Ren and Stimpy episode where Stimpy invented the Happy Helmet to make sure Ren was never unhappy again, and he cranked the remote control to the point where Ren was torn between delirious 'happiness' and psychotic rage?

That's how I think Prime Minister Stephen Harper must feel these days, deep down.

Running his campaign as a moderate alternative to Liberal corruption, acting all reassuring and reasonable and without an agenda to impose a Western chauvinism on the federation, all the while hoping to ride a crest of voter anger all the way to a majority, thinking then he could take off the Happy Helmet he had to wear to win and get to work.

Only the electorate may have wound up bolting that Happy Helmet on his head by actually electing him as this so-called moderate, held in check with an even shakier minority than his predecessor and no natural allies in the House of Commons. Now he has to keep up this 'nice guy' schtick even while in power; he didn't sign up for this shit. Can't wait for him to snap, or one of the wingnuts in his caucus to snap.

Here's the footage from his hotel suite on election night...the juicy part is halfway through the clip.

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