Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Queen Street Man: or, Who Cares?

Saw the 'Queen Street Man' video (easily found on the internet machine)- a shot across the bow at all the hipsters who go to the Drake and txt msg and buy indie rock records and wear vintage clothes with Spacing buttons - but it seems to have been made by people in the same scene (most likely on the older edge of the demographic) who are pretending they're either not a part of it or above it, an irony that hasn't really been incorporated into the work.

People around town seem to like it which is the only reason I checked it out, but as satire it's pretty benign, considering the rep - anyone who at least got through first year at film school saw similar attacks on similar scenes. I assume the guys who made it are the types who find it easier to communicate what they don't like about people they already feel superior to, as opposed to expressing what they believe in; I mean, it's about time someone took those people who wear white pants and Spacing buttons down a peg or two - who do they think they are? (In the interests of disclosure, I have paid for a few of those Spacing buttons - I don't wear them or keep them in a drawer - and I'm glad they exist.)

It reminded me of a story Mike Nichols once told about walking through Manhattan with the mighty Elaine May. They walked past a couple of smartasses on the street who wolfwhistled at her and mocked him as they passed. Without missing a beat May turned and said "What's the matter, guys? Tired of each other?"

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