Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Re: Loaded

So Vice-President Cheney shoots his buddy, an old man, while quail-hunting.

It just seemed so rich in irony that there was almost no point in even pointing it out, let alone making fun of it. Although now that it has come out that the guy who got peppered has since suffered a heart attack as a result of his injuries, I'm glad I didn't get in on the schadenfreude too deeply.

The more that's leaking out about this, the incident itself and the subsequent cover-up...it just seems to me like the behaviour of drunks.

It might explain Cheney's terrible aim after an afternoon out hunting with the boys, his desperation to cover-up the mistake and lay low, and his boss, the dry drunk himself, also working overtime to keep it from getting out for as long as possible - almost a day - eventually sending his press secretary out yesterday to play down the incident, and even later today, with the president in possession of the news that the shooting victim's health had take a turn for the worse, choosing to go through with a scheduled photo-op with a college football team instead of just coming clean and trying to get a hold of this public-relations nightmare. The whole incident just seems shameful to me, as opposed to funny.

Well, at least here's Bush's opportunity to give Cheney a chance to spend more time with his family and set up a successor, if that's ever occurred to him.

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