Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Have Questions About New Movies

1. Why do they keep remaking Underworld every month? Aeon Flux came out in December, Underworld: Evolution (the official sequel) in January and this coming Friday, Ultraviolet with Selma Bla-- sorry, with Milla Jovovich? What is next month's film about a leather-clad futuristic femme fatale fighting the forces of evil, ninja-style?

2. Why is there a new Paul Walker film every week? Last week he was rescuing 8 huskies from Antarctica, and this week he's in a remake/reinvention of an eighties Billy Crystal film, only without Gregory Hines. From what I've seen in the ads, Running Scared makes Guy Ritchie seem like Yasujiro Ozu.

3. Why would you put the word "Failure" in the title of a romantic comedy that the studio's marketing department already has a tough time working with? And didn't this movie already come out two years ago with Kate Hudson in it?

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