Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Márka'd Research

When I was in Budapest, one of my priorities was to bring back examples of locally produced ephemera - perhaps a pair of Hungarian sneakers, or a vintage t-shirt. Something I could definitely not find anywhere else.

In a corner store I found what I wanted - a glass bottle of a Hungarian soft drink (or üditők in Hungarian) called Márka. It was a delicious sour cherry soda.

What was this Márka? What was this word on the bottlecap, Meggy? Was that magyar for cherry?

Did this mean there were there other flavours of Márka available? Do they still even make Márka? So many questions. And, in English anyway, not many answers.

I found a brief history of Márka and another tantalizingly-named üditők called Traubisoda on the manufacturers' website. If any of you understand Hungarian I would love to know more about Márka.

And here is a vintage Márka commercial from Hungary, probably during the Soviet era - It has made me thirsty all over again. (Nice going, McYeager.)

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