Saturday, February 11, 2006

D'Accord Ordinateur

One of my unfulfilled projects is a Broadway musical Chris and I wrote called Computermachine, which was the stage version of the 1984 rom-com Electric Dreams, about the love triangle between a nerd, a cellist and a computer which comes to life when the nerd spills champagne on it (although the stage adaptation was more about a mad professor who creates a computer that can sing and dance and the young woman who comes in between them).

I think the time is right for this idea to get back on track. First of all, the eighties are back, what with this new "electroclash" movement, the new Miami Vice movie and Madonna running around in purple spandex. Second of all, all Broadway plays now are stage adaptations of movies that came out the late eighties (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and probably some others), so if we just open up the range a bit to include the early eighties we could have an Ice Pirates musical as well.

Electric Dreams is MIA on DVD, along with some other gems from the period that would also make great Broadway musicals, like Megaforce, Solarbabies and The Lonely Lady.

But to tide us all over and whet our appetites simultaneously, I found the next best thing - Giorgio Moroder's video, which recaps the whole film in three minutes. Featuring Philip Oakey, he of the Human League, apparently a major stylistic influence on Corey Feldman.

(DragonSwordFly has some good videos)

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