Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Heart Herzog

Werner Herzog made the news twice in the last few weeks - first by rescuing Joaquin Phoenix from his overturned car, then by getting shot in the leg during an interview with the BBC and reacting as if he'd merely been stung by a wasp. He might be a saint.

Herzog is going to be in Toronto in the springtime for a significant retrospective of both his fiction films (at Cinematheque Ontario) and his documentary work (at Hot Docs, where he will be presented with a career achievement award at the Isabel Bader theatre on May 5th). Can't wait.

If they're showing them at Hot Docs, I highly, highly recommend his documentary about his partnership with the one-and-only Klaus Kinski (My Best Fiend) and his stunning one-hour meditation on the aftermath of the first Iraq war (Lessons of Darkness).

If only this were real - recently discovered excerpts from Mr. Herzog's diary...

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